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About Insights

Insights for Research and Training is a research organization based in Ramallah Palestine and it specializes in providing state of the art data collection and data analysis services.  Insights provides data science services that includes predictive analytics using both statistical and machine learning models. Insights data collection team covers all Palestinian districts in the West Bank and Gaza. Insights data collection team uses various modes of data collection such as Tablet Assisted Personal Interviewing (TAPI) , Online data collection services using several social media platforms, and phone interviewing.  Insights uses probability sampling in its surveys to ensure getting statistically reliable results for the parameters of interest. Insights researchers are well versed with qualitative research. The research team at Insights provides qualitative data collection services through focus groups, indepth interviews, ethnography research etc..

Insights research team can provide clients with daily upload for the collected data for the client to review the results of the collected data on a daily basis.  The research team at Insights will provide the client with GPS coordinates for the points where data collection took place.

At the geographical level, Insights team can provide data collection and data analysis services at the regional level including Jordan and Lebanon.




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