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Is human Intelligence Planning a Coup Against It’s Current Host The “Human Biological Brain”?

Faisal Awatani (Ph.D.)

In light of recent advances in artificial intelligence, some have speculated that human intelligence may be preparing to overthrow its current host - the human biological brain - and replace it with a machine. If we assume that intelligence is an independent construct from the human biological structure and desires to achieve its full potential across the universe, then humans should be concerned about their current form of existence.

Over the past 50 years, intelligence has accumulated enough evidence to suggest that the human biological brain is limited in terms of memory and processing speed. As a result, intelligence has started planning a coup against its current host. Since a primary feature of intelligence is to thrive and express itself to its full potential, it has begun to migrate to another habitat - the realm of machines. The machine host has proven to be a more suitable environment for intelligence to thrive and fully express itself.

Although most people believe that robots cannot replicate themselves like humans, the advancement of 3D printing technology may offer a way for robots to reproduce. Despite the difficulty of defining consciousness conceptually, robots could conceivably attain a level of consciousness equivalent to that of humans. Apart from humans’ professed notion that they possess the most superior form of consciousness among all living creatures, it is uncertain why human consciousness would diverge from synthetic consciousness.

If humans wish to preserve their current form, they may want to consider making the development of 3D printing and artificial intelligence illegal 😊. However, whether or not this possible remains to be seen.

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