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A National Poll In Jordan On Social Values

By Faisal Awartani (Ph.D.)

The below chart shows the results of the a poll conducted in Jordan on social values. This survey was conducted using a nationally representative sample of 1200 adults in Jordan. They were asked if the following behaviors are "Justifiable" or "never Jutifiable".

Homesexuality and suicide toped the list among Jordanian adults of the behaviors that are "never justifiable" (90%) in comparison to 10% who said they are "justifiable". While "receiving a bribe" and "Euthansia" got the second rank as actions that are "never justifiable" (84%), and 15% of Jordanian adults indicated that they are "justifiable". On the other hand, "Abortion" and "Cheating on Taxes" got the third rank of the conducts that are "Never Justifiable" (70%), while 30% of Jordanians stated that they are "justifiable". The fourth issue was "divorce", where 34% of Jordanians said that it's "never justifiable"and 66% reported that such action can be "justifiable".

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