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Palestine Data Science Forum: Connecting Data Science Community.

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

Our Mission

Palestine Data Science Forum's (PDF) mission is to promote data-driven decision making across both public and private sector organizations in Palestine and the MENA region. PDF provides a space to connect local organizations, startups, and researchers to the data science community. PDF strongly fosters the interdisciplinary nature of data science and advocates for the use of data science in different domains and contexts.

PDF works on supporting the advancement of data science with an emphasis on exploring and sharing cutting-edge data collection tools, data analytics, and predictive analytics in Palestine and the MENA region.

Bridging the gap between data scientists and non-technical audiences

PDF organizes regular webinars and conferences to share recent advancements in data science. Through these events, PDF links its constituency with the latest advancements in data science –Which cover many topics within the field of data science. Still, the overarching theme is identifying problems facing local organizations in Palestine that can be solved through the use of data science.

For many local organizations, the term “data science” can be daunting and sound more complex than necessary, effectively hindering them from utilizing data science tools that fit their needs. That’s why PDF experts conduct training sessions to promote data literacy at different levels within local organizations in Palestine and the Arab region. These training sessions assist the receiving organizations in building their data capabilities and identifying practical applications of data science within their scale.

PDF Capabilities

PDF, through its activities, will cover different components of data science, including but not limited to statistics, probabilistic and mathematical modeling, machine learning, data mining, and knowledge discovery, complexity science, network science, business analytics, data management, infrastructure and storage, retrieval and search, security, privacy, and ethics.

By exploring all these sub-topics, PDF educates its constituency on data science. Still, more importantly, PDF aims to clarify and dispel any misconceptions about data science, especially when it comes to trendy terms like “AI” and “Big Data.”


If you are interested in becoming a member of the Palestine Data Forum, please fill this f:

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