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Sampling Frames and Coverage Error in Survey Research

When trying to understand a collective mind of customers for a certain product or service, the availability of a sampling frame is key for selecting a proper probability sample which could be used to obtain unbiased estimators for the parameters of interest.

Sampling frames are considered to be the list of subjects/objects in a target population for a certain survey research project. In most cases available sampling frames don’t cover the full target population. And hence this could influence the biasedness of the estimates.

In survey research, produced estimates of a given set of parameters suffers from both sampling error and non-sampling error. Sampling frame coverage is classified as one of the non-sampling error components.

Insights research team led by Dr. Faisal Awartani can advise companies and organizations who are interested in studying certain target populations on how to assess coverage error and how to design strategies to minimize it.

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